Growing to Meet Customer Demands

Delivering the highest quality products to customers begins with the ever-expanding growing operations of Monson Fruit Company. The company monitors consumer preferences that meet the demands of each of it’s customers. This level of customized production is accomplished through the acquisition of new lands throughout Washington State and the proper care of existing orchards, including replanting of older trees to modern varieties. This methodology ensures that resources are efficiently dedicated to satisfy the needs of the global marketplace.

Monson Fruit

Monson Fruit Company relies on years of experience and advanced modern growing techniques to maximize production yields. As responsible stewards of their land, careful attention is given to water conservation, pest control and soil vitality management. Additionally, the team at Monson understands the impact of seasonal weather variables on each of their orchards and uses this knowledge to make decisions that will maximize the quality of harvests at each specific location. The Monson Fruit Company current product mix includes: Apples (conventional and organic), Cherries, Apricots, Peaches, Pears (conventional and organic)