A Heritage Of Northwest Raised Beef

The Pacific Northwest is known for producing some of the finest beef in the United States, partially due to the availability of ample natural resources throughout the region. Van Monson Farming and Livestock was founded in 1951 for this exact reason. Recognizing the need for local ranchers market their beef directly to consumers, Van also played an instrumental role in opening the Washington Beef Feedlot in 1979. The company was eventually sold, but the legacy of his vision remains as Washington Beef has evolved into a global marketer of branded beef products and is an important employer in the Yakima Valley.

Monson Fruit

Today, the Monson family continues to grow cattle at the company’s original headquarters and beef from the herd consistently grades in the top tiers of the USDA grading scale. The Monson cattle program is built on fundamental principles that include animal well-being, proper nutrition and genetic characteristics.