Growing the World's Finest Fruit Year-Round

Monson Fruit Company is a Washington State fruit company based in the fertile Yakima Valley, growing, packing and shipping the taste of the delicious Pacific Northwest. We are one of the premiere sources for the world's finest apples, cherries, pears, apricots, and cranberries in the area.

Our dedicated staff works year-round to provide outstanding fruit for our business partners to sell to their customers. You can count on our team to cultivate the freshest, finest fruit here in the Pacific Northwest. We've expanded our reach, to become one of the top suppliers of fresh fruit for customers throughout the entire world.

Count on Monson Fruit Company to efficiently deliver exceptional quality fruit from our state-of-the-art packing facilities to global locations.

Delivering freshness all across the globe

Family owned and operated, Monson Fruit Company is a leading grower of fresh fruit in Washington State and receives additional shipments for packing from Washington, Oregon and Montana. We employ hundreds of employees at our facilities, keeping the Yakima Valley economy as fresh and as bright as our fruit.

Our hardworking staff goes the extra mile to ensure the quality of our fruit from start to finish, making our company one of the most trusted across the entire world. We've partnered with DOMEX Superfresh Growers, OceanSpray and a number of other great companies throughout our tenure in the area.

If you are interested in learning more about our growing, packing and shipping company, don't hesitate to contact us. Please use this website to send us a message or call 509-697-9175.