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Protecting And Enhancing Agriculture Assets

Washington Agri-Management was established primarily to fill a growing need for property management and special project work from a broad scope of clientele involved in business relationships with Monson Fruit Company. Monson Fruit wanted to stay focused on packing fruit and therefore started Washington Agri-Management as a separate entity to cater to the highly specialized nature of the production side of the tree fruit industry.

Monson Fruit

The mission of the company is to protect and enhance the agricultural asset entrusted to manage and economically produce exceptional quality fruit and produce for our clients with name brand recognition, healthy for consumers, and focused on nurturing the environment for future generations to enjoy while providing a work place that is safe and desirable for employees. Washington Agri-Management specializes in the following services:
• Financial management
• Labor management
• Horticultural management
• Mechanical equipment management
• Weather management

For more information, please call (509) 697-9175 or EMAIL [email protected]

Monson Fruit